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Vizio Tablets might not be the most famous in the market, but they do have some very nice specifications. The 10 inch VTAB3010 for instance, has been designed to be a tablet, as well as a remote control. With its Android powered tablets and hybrid designs, Vizio Tablets are all set to make their market in the tablet industry. While Vizio is not the most prominent brand in the tablet market, it is used by a market niche that does not buy the higher priced or more famous iOS or Amazon Kindle tablets. Due to lack of market demand, reliable repair service providers aren’t that many, and the ones who do provide Vizio Tablet Repair service can be very costly. We have been repairing all kinds Vizio devices since their launch and have the right knowledge to fix your tablet in a cost effective way.

Top 3 Vizio Tablets Problems We’ve Seen

SD Card Issues

This is by far one of the most common problems but it only occurs on Vizio’s Android OS devices. The card may work perfectly in other devices or even your computer, but once you get it inside the tablet, it becomes useless. Further, it doesn’t matter what SD card you get – it might be a 2GB sized card or a 32GB one. This is a specific error that is operating system related.

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  • No matter how hard you try, the SD card cannot be read
  • You cannot save files on the card and you cannot access the files you copy to it from any other device, such as a computer

Wireless (Ad-hoc) Network Connectivity Problems

The Vizio ad-hoc wireless problem represents one of the top repair issues, often manifesting when you need a connection the most. An ad-hoc network becomes a solid option when you need to tether a Wi-Fi device to your mobile phone, therefore, you end up using the connection through your provider. However, at times you will receive no data throughput or connectivity, indicating that the problem has manifested itself on your device. We have had to often root the device in order to overcome this issue.

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  • Although the Vizio ad-hoc wireless connection is up and running, it acts like it doesn’t exist.
  • Your access to Internet is null, it is as if you connected to a weak and poor quality network that barely has any available bandwidth or signal strength.

Power Port Not Working

If there is one thing you don’t want to break on your Vizio tablet, that is the power port. Without it, everything else on the device is useless. There are many causes for this failure, including dropping or otherwise damaging the device through improper and excessive usage of the plug.

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  • The power port tends to get very loose with time
  • The power port breaks off inside the device

How to Get Your Vizio Tablet Repaired

To obtain our nationwide repair services, you can use our mail-in service. With this service you can send us your device via mail. After diagnosing all issues, we will fix your tablet by mail and ship it back to your doorstep. Our San Diego repair lab is also open all through the week for our walk-in customers. You can bring along your Vizio Tablet for repairs during regular service hours. We also repair other vizio devices, including vizio laptops and TVs.

Mail In Repair

Worldwide Mail-In Repair Services

San Diego PC Help is the Internet’s #1 source for repair of all kinds of technology products. Our master techs can fix practically anything and have a high data recovery success rate.

To mail in an item for repair, please fill out our online form so we can process your item as quickly as possible.

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