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Virus Removal Services NationwideIn this day and age, we use the term “computer virus” to describe any number of irregular symptoms relating to the normal function of a PC computer. We talk about viruses as being software-related, that is, they affect the usability of a computer to varying degrees depending on the severity and type of infection. We refer to a system exhibiting these behaviors as being “infected”, in which it is at risk for spreading its virus and symptoms to other devices. Computer viruses, much like their biological counterparts, spread from computer to computer using any number of software means, including but not limited to internet advertising, pop-ups, emails, application programs, and USB flash drives. If you have a nasty virus in your computer, and need urgent virus removal San Diego services, San Diego PC Help is here to help you.

Viruses fall into the same category of infections as Trojan horses and worms, though they are technically different, and the virus removal San Diego strategy changes for each. For example, a worm can exploit security vulnerabilities to spread itself automatically to other computers through networks, while a Trojan horse is a program that appears harmless but hides malicious functions. Worms and Trojan horses, like viruses, may harm a computer system’s data or performance. Some viruses and malware have symptoms that are immediately visible to the user, but many hide themselves visibly and do not generate any kind of trace data. Some viruses simply reproduce themselves and then do nothing further from that point.

Typically, once executed, a virus runs malicious code and replicates itself onto a computer. In almost all cases, viruses can put a user and the information on their computer at risk. During an infection, viruses raise issues of privacy, fraud, and safety for the affected victim. A lot of viruses today hide their true identity by posing as legitimate software (see scareware); for example, the phenomenon we call “rogue antivirus software” are actually viruses that attempt to hide their malicious intent by fraudulently “scanning” and “finding” OTHER viruses on your system, then requesting payment to remove these infections. These other “viruses”, needless to say, are actually fake results, and are usually real system files that will cause the computer system to crash or fail if they are “cleaned” or “deleted” by the rogue virus removal San Diego application.

Virus Removal San Diego

Virus Removal Services NationwideIf you happen to see any pop-ups on your computer system saying “Your System is Infected, Please Register Now” or something similar, you can be sure you are suffering from a rogue virus. Fake email messages are also common, stating that “Your Hard Disk is Failing” alongside other false warnings. The best advice is to have these types of infections removed professionally by a virus removal San Diego to avert the risk of data loss, or in the worst case, a complete system failure. It is significantly more difficult to clean a computer that is no longer starting properly versus a system that is suffering from a few pop-ups. Registered antivirus software such as AVG or Kaspersky can help you identify issues on a computer, but even these are usually targeted and damaged by viruses, requiring reinstallation in order to achieve successful virus removal.

We have experience performing any type of virus removal services removing all kinds of viruses, from the annoying to the catastrophic, from the simplest spyware to the most elusive rootkits. In many cases, we can successfully resurrect computers that have begun crashing or blue-screening at startup from excessive and prolonged virus infection. If you have your system set up just the way you like it and cringe at the thought of having to reinstall all your programs again due to a nasty virus infection, fear not; let us diagnose your system for you and we will take care of your virus removal San Diego needs. More than likely, we will be able to get your system up and running just the way it was before, without the need to reinstall any operating system software.


Some examples of virus infection include:

  1. Strange mouse movements or program errors that you didn’t see before
  2. Excessive slowness, pop-ups, failure to access internet content
  3. New unknown programs, icons, or favorites show up on your desktop
  4. Redirection errors while browsing the web, excessive toolbars
  5. Desktop icons, folders, start menu or taskbar suddenly disappear
  6. Right and left mouse buttons become switched or reversed
  7. Wallpaper, background, or screen saver settings change by themselves
  8. The computer freezes, shuts down or powers off by itself

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