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  • Laptop becomes hot to the touch
  • Fan clicking

Overheating has been reported to be a very common problem amongst the laptops made by Lenovo. Like most laptops the Lenovo’s are programmed to shut down the computer to prevent any components within the laptop from melting. This program is called “Fan Profile”. There are a couple of reasons why this could be happening, It could be a problem with the heat sinks which are a component in the laptops that are designed to absorb massive amounts of unwanted heat. This part could potentially be clogged by either dust. When it is clogged it can produce more heat than the heat sink can absorb. Your vent could be covered by something and when your vent is blocked it prevents airflow which is needed to cool down your system.The fan could have stopped working. This could be for a few reasons. One being dust accumulation and when dust builds on the fan it slows down the productivity of the fan and over time it can completely stop the fan from working. Your motherboard could have a blown capacitor. These capacitors provide the fan with the power it needs to run, so if one was blown the fan would not have enough power to run.

Solutions:Spray pressurized air into the vent, but do not blow air on the fan for long because it could cause the fan to spin too fast and could damage the fan. Make sure wherever your laptop is that the vent is not covered. Replace the fan


  • Screen freezes
  • Computer is very slow

Freezing is a problem that many encounter on their laptops. When your computer freezes it will completely freeze the screen so that you can not move your mouse or use any functions on the device. Freezing can be caused by many things such as, overheating can cause your system to freeze because there could possibly be no air flow. Running out of RAM could possibly freeze your laptop.RAM is a temporary data storage. Your computer could freeze simply because your system could be trying to run to many things at once this could not only slow your computer but freeze the computer entirely.

Solutions:Make sure that there is nothing blocking the vent. If there is anything remove it. You can clear up some memory on the RAM by removing or uninstalling unnecessary programs. Close some of the tasks that your laptop is trying to perform

Hard Drive Failure

  • Computer becomes hot
  • Device will not recognize the hard drive

Hard Drive Failure is a very common issue amongst all laptops not only Lenovo. When your hard drive fails all of the data that was stored within it is deleted. And the only way to restore this data is to have someone recover the data off of the affected hard drive.There are many causes for this to happen such as, Heat. Many Lenovo laptops are prone to overheating and when your device overheats there is an excessive amount of heat that can cause your hard drive to fail. Physical Damage. Whenever your device is shaken or dropped it is causing damage to be dealt to the hard drive and other components within the device. If your hard drive has been damaged it can break or fail, and will cause all your data to be lost. Old age can also cause your hard drive to fail and this can not be stopped it can only be extended by treating your laptop with care and avoid shaking or slaming your laptop because that will only speed up the rate of your hard drive failing. Power Surges. If your hard drive is exposed to a power surge it will cause your device to take damage. A power surge is a spike in your homes electrical current not lasting more than a second, but that brief second can cause major damage to your device.This damage can be dealt to the hard drive and can cause it to fail.

Solutions:Make sure that your computer has a good airflow so it does not overheat. Try and keep your laptop stationary and avoid shaking your laptop

The Display Not Working

  • Screen is not working properly
  • Screen is displayed but very dim

The display not working is a commonly reported issue with most laptops not just Lenovo. When the display is not working that means that you computer screen will not turn on there will be no back light or any signs of the screen turning on. This can be triggered for a number of reasons. A failed Graphics processing unit. Its a processor for designed for solely graphics output.  If this were to fail your screen could stop working. Broken back light. When you have a broken back light your display will not light any of the images or any part of the screen. Broken screen inverter. A screen inverter is a small circuit board in an electronic device containing a display that passes a power current from the body to the LCD screen. An inverter turns a direct current from the motherboard into an alternating current. The AC current then triggers the backlight, which causes the images to appear on the screen. The main function of the inverter is to power the LCD.

Solutions:If the GPU is integrated onto the motherboard you have to replace the motherboard, but if it is just the chip you can just replace the GPU. Replace the back light. Replace the screen inverter

Random Shutdowns

Random Shutdowns are a very annoying problem to deal with and it can undo a lot unsaved progressed on documents. This problem means that your laptop while you are using it shuts down with no warning and all by itself. There are a couple of reasons for this happening. Overheating is a problem that can cause your computer to shut down randomly because laptops are programmed to turn off if it gets too hot to prevent any parts from melting. Damaged hardware can cause your laptop to shutdown randomly. It could either be the RAM, GPU, motherboard, or power supply. It could also be the chargers voltage. Many games and programs require a charger with a higher voltage that can handle your gaming or the other programs you may run. A virus within the laptop can also shut down your computer depending on what you do on your computer. These viruses are activated by certain tasks your computer.

Solutions:Make sure that you have a charger that has the right voltage that your programs require. Always have a internet security program on your system


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