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LG Phone Repair Services

Since 2012 LG has been fighting for 2nd place in the mobile phone industry’s market. Their phone’s popularity, as well as the company’s innovative designs, have kept them as a major competitor to Apple. A year later in 2013, LG beat Apple in the mobile phone market and regained their position as 2nd highest in terms of market value. However later that year LG lost market share and dropped to the 5th position. Today their new phones include technology that is always evolving but with each new revision we have seen new technological issues to go along with it.

Top LG Phone Problems We’ve Seen


Yellow Spots On Screen

A number of users have reported to us yellow spots on their LG phones that don’t degrade over time. This is a hardware issue caused by malfunctioning back lights that display these spots. Instead of changing color based on what’s on the screen these lights only display a single yellow color. This is also caused by misplaced back lights which occasionally occurs during assembly.

Common Symptoms:

  • Screen gets filled with yellow or green patches on the screen
  • Device tends to become warmer once the screen becomes yellow or green

Bluetooth Connectivity

Bluetooth uses radio waves to connect with other devices including phones and computers. Before the bluetooth device can connect with the mobile device they need to agree on certain rules and points to ensure stable connections. This is managed by the cell phones software – when points cannot be agreed upon your device cannot connect. Usually bluetooth adapters and cellphones agree on the terms rather quickly but on occasion the mobile device’s software confuses what rules it has in place and refuses to connect with bluetooth devices.

Common Symptoms:

  • Fails to auto connect
  • Disconnects randomly
  • Lags when audio is being played

Lag or Stuttering

Users have reported freezing or slow startups when running apps or swiping to different screens. This is due to the degree of power the LG’s touchscreen needs to run. Because it uses a large amount of power, on occasion the processor of the phone won’t get the energy it needs to run processes. The symptoms of this problem manifest when swiping the screen or starting applications results in stuttering or even freezing of the device.

Common Symptoms:

  • Stutters when swiping
  • Lags or stutters when going into and out of apps
  • Apps crashing

Low Battery Life

Many of our customers have experienced shortened battery life with their LG phones. This occurs for two different reasons, the first being that on occasion the mobile devices software keeps processes or applications on in the background without the user actually starting these processes. The second reason is that sometimes the software inside the mobile devices confuses how much power is actually in the phone after charging. The software will think the device has 100% and stop charging while in reality it only has 80%.

Common Symptoms:

  • Battery begins to drain faster that usual
  • Hot to the touch

Random Shutdowns

On occasion, LG phones will spontaneously shut down when not in use. This is caused by faulty signals sent to the software of the phone. These signals tell the phone that it’s overheating and the device must be shut down in order to protect itself. These faulty signals are either caused by transistors issues, or problems with the software and how it reads signals sent from certain areas of the mobile device.

Common Symptoms:

  • Phone shuts down at random during times of no use
  • Random shutdowns vary

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