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Mail in or drop off your device or data recovery for a complete evaluation

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We disassemble and diagnose it, source parts and contact you with a quote

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Once approved, we work until your repair is complete and has passed Quality Control

Step 4

After receiving payment we ship your device back or you can walk into our store

Our Pricing Model Saves You Money

We source the lowest priced parts from our trusted partner network and pass the savings on to you.
Our labor rates are fixed, not hourly, so you always know what to expect.


  • Covers disassembly, diagnosis/testing, parts sourcing, quote generation and reassembly. This fee is deducted from your final repair total.
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  • The price largely depends on the difficulty of the project and the amount of time involved. Most repairs average $129-$199 minus the initial $89 evaluation fee.
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  • Using unique product identification numbers from inside your device, we purchase and install original manufacturer parts for a perfect match every time.
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  • FREE return shipping to US-48 states with a successful repair. We also ship to P.O. Box, APO/FPO, territories and most international locations.
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While we take pride in continuously raising the standard of our industry, it's our customers who benefit most.


Master technicians (minimum 30 years experience) who are licensed, bonded & certified


Multiple layers of redundant physical protection and data safety in our repair labs

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We stand by our work. Your repair is covered by our comprehensive warranty policy designed to serve you

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Corporations exist to please their stockholders. We exist to please you

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Our friendly technical service people speak with simplicity and clarity


We are under non-disclosure company-wide to ensure the confidentiality of your data

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All our employees reside locally, including our data recovery and remote desktop support technicians

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Delivering quality technology support services is what we’ve been doing since 1998

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Mail in any device or other electronics to us and receive a free diagnosis with repair.


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We offer you the same full-service attention and care as if you visited our store.

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We've served thousands of people at our conveniently located repair facility. If you live in or are traveling to San Diego, we humbly open our doors to you!


  • We have a team of highly skilled certified technicians performing all service and we give each repair the personal attention it deserves.
  • We provide a unique and customized service that retail chains can’t offer
  • We are the original creators of our own repair process
  • We take the time to get the job done right the first time

San Diego PC Help

Drop-off and mail-in address:

San Diego PC Help
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Won’t boot Up

  • When booting mac it will not turn on though it’s plugged in

When Macs boot up they take power from the wall outlet and convert the incoming AC electricity into DC energy that it can use. Occasionally Macs will not turn on which is caused by two different malfunctions, the first being hardware failure. When the power supply cannot convert the incoming power it wont allow any energy to come through because a failsafe. this prevents hardware from being damage but also prevents the Mac from booting up. The second reason this occurs is because of a faulty motherboard. Sometimes a damaged motherboard won’t distribute any power to components inside the device which prevents it from turning on like some users have experienced.

Solution: Replace the power supply, Replace the motherboard


  • Mac crashes
  • Freezes

Some users have experienced overheating problems with their Mac. This occurs for two different reasons, the first one being hardware failure. Occasionally the Mac central processing unit will malfunction and become less energy efficient. A byproduct of power is heat and when the CPU uses more energy than normal it can generate more heat. Because of this the system starts to work at temperatures above normal which can lead to problems like freezing and crashing. The second reason this occurs ie because of a software failure. Occasionally the operating system will send more power than needed to components of the device. This increase in power leads to overheating which can cause problems for the device.

Solution: Replace CPU, Repair OS

Display Not Working

  • Screen will show distorted images

Some users have reported having problems with their display not working correctly. This occurs for two different reasons, the first being  hardware failure. Many components in the Mac contribute to images on the display. In most cases when users encounter this problem it is either the devices graphics card or faulty RAM. Graphics cards assist in displaying everything on the screen and if it malfunctions nothing will display properly. Ram is used to help calculate tasks the Mac performs and if the device cannot process anything then it cannot display anything on the monitor. The second reason this occurs is because of an operating system failure. Sometimes the operating will not boot the correct drivers which causes the screen to go haywire.

Solutions: Replace graphics card, Replace RAM, Repair operating system, Repair

Performance Issues

  • Crashes
  • Freezing

Some users have experienced problems ranging from freezing to random crashes. This occurs for two different reasons, the first being hardware failure. The central processing unit of a Mac assists in all the devices calculations so it can perform tasks. If the CPU is damaged or malfunctions the Mac cannot perform tasks as fast as it should. Because of this commands are dealt with slower which can lead to clutter. When it clutters freezing can occur. The second reason this occurs is because of a faulty motherboard not distributing enough power to the devices components. Without power these components cannot calculate tasks which leads to freezes and crashes.   

Solution: Replace the CPU, Replace the motherboard


They're Experts In Their Field

“San Diego PC Help is the most qualified repair shop I have ever used. Their technicians are excellent and their service level is top notch. I highly recommend them for any type of technology repair you may need. They're experts in their field.”

Jason William Scott

Quick, Thorough and Honest

“These guys are experts in fixing your tech problems and saving your data at a reasonable cost. They are quick, thorough, and honest. I highly recommend San Diego PC Help!”

William Mathos

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Mac Pro Repair Services NationwideWelcome to San Diego PC Help, the center for fast and reliable Mac repair San Diego. We offer Mac Pro repair, upgrade, data recovery and replacement services to residential and business customers nationwide. All repair services for 2006, 2008, 2009 and 2010 Mac Pro workstation computer models are performed by our expert technicians who will install a brand new, factory parts into your Mac Pro so that it runs smoothly for years to come.

Mac Pro Repair San Diego

We know how important your Mac Pro is to you. That’s why we only use Apple certified technicians to perform any Mac Pro repair San Diego. Our technicians have plenty of experience with Mac computers, and have performed every kind of repair there is in thousands of Mac Pro desktops.

These are some of the most common Mac Pro repairs:

  • Mac Pro Hard Drive Data Recovery
  • Mac Pro Optical Drive (CD/DVD) Replacement
  • Mac Pro Hard Drive Replacement
  • Mac Pro Memory Upgrade and Replacement
  • Mac Pro Operating System Installation
  • Mac Pro Apple Keyboard Replacement
  • Mac Pro Logic Board Repair
  • Mac Pro SuperDrive Replacement
  • Mac Pro Hard Drive Repair and Upgrade
  • Mac Pro Power Supply Replacement
  • Mac Pro Magic Mouse Replacement
  • Mac Pro data migration


Mac Pro Repair Services Nationwide No matter what the problem is, if you are having such issues as displays and multiple DVI, HDMI connections, migration not completing on your Mac Pro, if your Mac Pro computer won’t turn on, etc., we are here to help you.

If you don’t know what’s wrong with your Mac Pro, you can send it in to our store for a free diagnosis and get a detailed analysis and convenient repair price quote. An Apple Certified technician will diagnose the Mac repair you need and contact you as soon as possible with a repair quote.

All repairs are done after we have your approval, and you will be speaking directly to our friendly Apple Certified technicians.  Backed by an industry-leading warranty on parts and labor, our repairs are often hundreds of dollars less than those offered by the manufacturer.

Over the years, we’ve repaired tens of thousands of Mac Pros, with no obligation and no hidden fees.  We employ Apple Certified Technicians only, who will take care of your Mac Pro as if it were their own. We recognize the importance of maintaining the security of your private data. Our Technicians are knowledgeable and experienced, and have been trained to protect your privacy during the repair process. You can be sure all your data, and your computer will be safe with us.

Contact us and find out why we are the best center for computer repair San Diego.

Mac Models:

  • MacPro1,1 repair
  • MacPro3,1 repair
  • MacPro4,1 repair
  • MacPro5,1 repair
  • MacBook Air repair
  • PowerBook G4 Aluminum repair
  • PowerBook G4 Titanium repair
  • iBook repair




Mail In Repair

Worldwide Mail-In Repair Services

San Diego PC Help is the Internet’s #1 source for repair of all kinds of technology products. Our master techs can fix practically anything and have a high data recovery success rate.

To mail in an item for repair, please fill out our online form so we can process your item as quickly as possible.

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