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IMPORTANT! WE NO LONGER SUPPORT IPOD OR MP3 DEVICES OF ANY KIND! Please DO NOT CALL US about this device. We do offer e-Waste recycling: send in your device and receive 10% off labor on any future repair! Call or email for details.

San Diego PC Help has in the past supported all models of iPod for repair, but in the recent years the device we have seen the most of is the iPod touch. The iPod Touch and Apple’s flagship smartphone basically share the same hardware and they both run on the same iOS (the world’s most advanced operating system, as Apple likes to call it). Although the second generation iPod Touch seems (almost) identical with the iPhone 3GS, there are some design differences between the two: the speaker above the screen is missing as well as the silent/ringer switch, and the sleep button is on the opposite side. Apple is renowned for its quality hardware but that doesn’t fend the device from failures, although we can successfully deal with all of them.

The Most Common iPod Touch Problems We’ve Seen

The list of common problems with the 2nd generation iPod touch can be quite long, with all of them resulting from regular use. As you have already experienced regularly using gadgets can have its risks, such as the damage that comes from dropping your device, charging issues, home button issues or an obstructed audio jack. Whatever the problem may be, we have every answer to the 2nd generation iPod Touch. The following are some of the most common problems and solutions we’ve dealt with.

Touch Screen Doesn’t Respond

Before you start wondering what’s wrong with your touch screen, here are some of the most common reasons behind an unresponsive 2nd gen iPod Touch screen: dirt, wrongly-installed screen protector, a software error or a broken logic board. Oil or dirt are among the most common reasons for an unresponsive touch screen: it creates an additional layer on the display that prevents touch sensors from reacting. The best way to solve this issue is to use a dry, clean cloth to wipe the display. The same issue occurs when a screen protector is installed incorrectly, which may result in interference. The solution is to remove the protector you installed and use a dry, clean cloth to clean the screen. If you don’t see any of the above symptoms, the possibility of a temporary software error is high. To test whether it is a software error or not you should shut down the iPod Touch by holding the sleep button until the device’s screen goes blank. Press it again and an Apple logo should appear, showing that the iPod Touch is turning on. In the case of a broken logic board, you will need to replace it.

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  • Your screen is black and doesn’t respond to touch
  • Air bubbles between the screen and screen protector
  • iPod Touch fails to turn on

Sleep / Wake Button Not Responding

If you have pressed the sleep/wake button and you see no sign of activity on your 2nd generation iPod Touch, here are some of the most common reasons it may not turn on: one reason could be the battery. The first thing to do is to plug the iDevice into your computer or wall socket. If your PC recognizes the iPod Touch, it should appear on the iPod’s screen that it is charging the battery. If it isn’t your battery is dead, and you will need to replace it. Also, if you see the iPod Touch on your computer’s screen but no battery icon under its name, the display may be broken. It this case it must be replaced with a new display.

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  • The device doesn’t respond when you press the sleep/wake button

Unresponsive Home Button

The only button on the front of an iPod Touch is the Home button, a characteristic of Apple iOS devices. It is the most used button on the device. If the button doesn’t activate the login screen when pressed, hold down the sleep button on top to make sure the iPod Touch is in working order. It that button is unresponsive too, you should check the battery’s status by plugging it into your computer. If the sleep button works, you need to replace the front panel and try this test once again. It should work now. In case it doesn’t, the reason behind your broken home button is a broken logic board. In this event you need to replace it.

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  • Home button doesn’t respond when pressed.

How To Get Your iPod Repaired

If you are not sure what’s wrong with your iPod, you can take advantage of our iPod diagnostic services. However, please be advised that we no longer repair MP3 players. However, if you are in the need of data recovery, we do offer retrieval services for iPods and MP3 players.

Mail In Repair

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