When Steve Jobs first decided to create the iPad, his brief to his team was “I want to make a tablet and it can’t have a keyboard or stylus”. The rest, as the world now knows, is tablet history. The hugely successful iPad proved that the multi-touch input capability was the future. Despite the success of his device, Jobs also later realized that the tablet was a device of “content consumption not content creation”.

The case for the “phablet”

Sure it has the on-screen keyboard to type but it is just sufficient to write your emails. Maybe that is the reason why tablet manufacturers like Samsung have not yet given up on the idea of stylus. There is also the matter of finding that golden middle as far as the screen size is concerned. You’d like your phone to be a little bigger so you can read on it and you’d like your tablet to be a bit smaller so you can carry it. Cut to 2012, Samsung introduces the Samsung Galaxy Note with a screen size of 5.3 inches and a stylus that lets you sketch and take notes. As of March 1, 2012 Samsung claims it has sold over 2 million devices. I bet this success is due to the fact that there is a segment of device enthusiasts who are missing something in their tablet and their phone. And that is why we need a “phablet”. Read more on the phablet’s specs here.

Samsung and the Note

Samsung’s Hankil Yoon recently acknowledged that Samsung has not been doing great in the tablet market. It faces tough competition from the iPad and the Kindle Fire. After several redundant versions of its Samsung Galaxy, the company has met with some success with the Note. I believe the hope for continued expansion of phablet market is in the premise that people don’t know what they need but they know they need it after they start using it. The Note enables content creation albeit in a limited manner. More than half of the digital world still prefers the pen and paper method of note taking to any other and Samsung is trying to emulate that on the phablet.

I like the Note jut because it is the best available tablet methods to write something. I have wished a lot many times that my laptop was smaller, lighter and my phone bigger. I have not bought a tablet because it only lets me read things not create things. A Samsung Galaxy Note might bring me closer to a solution. There remains the question of the stylus-that might need some practice. But I am happy that the phablet signals a start for creation on the tablet vs consumption.

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