The following is a true story of San Diego radio and TV personality Jeff Isaac’s miracle with San Diego PC Help.  It was Sunday morning on Labor Day weekend and Jeff Isaac (KFMB 760-AM, the “Blue Jeans Lawyer”) was pleading on the air to his show’s thousands of listeners about the iPad he had just dropped when entering the studio. “If anybody knows anybody that fixes these things in about four hours, that’d be good,” he quipped. Jeff was leaving the country the next morning, but due to the fall, the glass had cracked. “It’s one of my favorite things I have ever had,” he told his audience.  Now the iPad was unusable. “Its like looking in the mirror, and the mirror is saying, “you are so ugly” that the mirror cracks. My iPad has just said, “you are ugly, dummy!”


Hope seems lost, then the iPad miracle begins

After Sandy, his co-host, reminded him that Monday was a holiday, he nearly lost hope. But then something happened.  “I’m in trouble.  So I make a call and I get a guy who answers the phone at San Diego PC Help.”  Jeff excitedly told his audience how astonished he was to reach a live person.  And then came the begging.  “I’m pleading with him, saying “I’ll be your best friend forever.”  He told the technician that the iPad “guts” seemed to be working but the display looked like a broken window, and further, he needed the repair done immediately.

Jeff quickly invited the San Diego PC help employee on the air to discuss the situation.  “I was on my knees with the microphone in the radio station.”  The technician agreed that the company could do the repair that morning, to which Jeff replied, “this is to me the most generous situation in a business in a long time.  Your service is beyond any that I have seen.  Not only have you made me happy but if you guys are gonna do this at 7:30 in the morning on Sunday labor day weekend, that speaks tons of your desire to have a great business for people who need this.  This is the kind of company you want to put in your rolodex, if you still have a rolodex.”

It really is amazing

Acknowledging the miraculous nature of the events, Jeff added, “it was meant to be.  I can’t tell you how shocked I am in a positive way.  This is really splendid on your part.” He concluded by saying, “this is a success story, not just for me. These are the guys that think outside of the box. These are the people that will be successful and that’s the kind of people we need in our community.  I can’t be more strong about it.”KFMB-AM 760 Talk Radio

The original broadcast can be found on Jeff’s radio show.  The complete show can be downloaded or listened to in two parts here and here.

9/18/2011 – Update!  Check out the ipad screen repair follow-up interview. Learn more about our iPad repair Nationwide service.

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