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GameSync Gaming Center LogoGameSync Gaming Center LogoWelcome to GameSync from San Diego PC Help. We invite you to visit our city’s only state-of-the-art, amazingly fun computer gaming center! Located adjacent to our tech repair labs, you are invited to participate in a multi-user social game environment that exists nowhere else. To learn more about our service, click here.  Play new games and older classics, hang out with friends and work on your skills. Engage in cooperative team-building or intense competition. We offer a clean visual aesthetic and a design that encourages community and social engagement, better performance and more fun! Some features of GameSync include:

  • High-end gaming super-stations built by our own experts, featuring large 27″ HD 1080p monitors, programmable gaming mice and keyboards and surround headsets that fully envelop you
  • A comfortable area featuring a specially designed ergonomic chair and a large smooth surface counter top with a full three feet of space.
  • The perfect size: up to ten simultaneous users
  • Play with your friends across the country in an online networked environment

A Place For Everyone

Interactive Video Game PlayerOur LAN gaming center was built from the ground up for everyone, from casual and non-gamers to dedicated enthusiasts. We want to take community, social gaming to a new level! Some of the games we feature include:

League of Legends, Minecraft, Team Fortress 2, CounterStrike, World of Warcraft, GTA 2, Tribes Ascend, Heroes of Newerth, World of Tanks, Trackmania, Lord of the Rings Online, Mechwarrior Online, Dota 2, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Battlefield 1942, Guild Wars 2, Smite, Battlefield 2142, Starcraft 2, Garry’s Mod, Killing Floor, Left 4 Dead 1&2, and Portal 1&2.

We fully endorse and abide by the ratings set forth from the ESRB.  A minor aged 17 or younger will require parental signature to play.  To view the ESRB ratings chart, click here.

Rent Our Room For A Memorable Birthday Party Or Other Event

Birthday Party Computer GamingOur LAN Gaming Center is available for rent by the hour any time during the week and on weekends. Enjoy a premiere facility for your birthday party, event, workshop, training session, or conference with ten complete workstations, high speed internet access, and more. You can take over the space on any given day and time and host a birthday or office holiday party, run your own LAN event, provide educational programs, administer a test, and more.

Birthday Parties

Want the most memorable birthday party ever? You bring the guests, we bring the fun! Rent our entire event space for gaming of up to ten people at once and enjoy a hassle-free experience. Parents can watch their kids and guests play or surf the web using our free wifi internet access. We’ve even had parents join in the fun and play along! To learn more about reserving time for your next party, click here.

Host Your Own LAN Tournament

Two kids gamingDo you have a group of friends or know people who enjoy playing cooperative team gaming/competition but don’t have access to a facility? Rent our room for your own private sessions –  you set the rules! Choose your competition methods, maximum roster size, game length, series length, allowable cheats and more. Promote your own event and charge members admission to help defray the costs of running the tournament. To learn more, click here.

Corporate Entertainment & Special Events

No more dull company events – create a memorable one that also can encourage team-building with cooperative gaming. Employees love it! To learn more, click here.

Computer Lab and Training

If you need classroom access in a professional environment, we offer the event space you need. To learn more, click here.

Business Conference and Meeting Room

Be productive and relaxed in our facility, which has been designed to offer the utmost in performance, comfort and enjoyment. Enjoy high speed Internet access, as well as the ability to print as well as scan.  Microsoft Office 2013 suite is available for use as well. To learn more, click here.

Technical Specs

Previous gaming centers (which have all closed) packed in as many stations as possible using cheap equipment to maximize profits, but not us. We developed a fresh, new architecture completely with you in mind. We use only the best products available, and our systems are built by our own technicians using parts that are preferred by gamers worldwide for a high performance, artifact-free experience. Since everyone uses the same equipment, group game play is fair: it’s about skill level, not assistance from hardware.

  • Game Room StationsComputer: Driven by Intel i5 (or better) processor, 8GB-16GB high speed gaming RAM, and housed in a Cooler Master full tower case.
  • Video card: GeForce GTX 660 Ti 2GB 192-bit GDDR5, software tuned and optimized.
  • Network: Our room has been custom wired with low-latency CAT6 network cable and fully validated termination.  Our routers and switches are enterprise-class Cisco with optimized settings for fast network play.
  • Headset: Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930 – immersive Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound, uncompressed 48 kHz audio, noise-cancelling boom mic.
  • Mouse: Logitech Gaming Mouse G400 – perfectly honed shape, low friction feet, amazing grip and response time, incredibly fast polling rate
  • Keyboard: Mechanical keyboards (10-keyless) for unsurpassed response time.
  • Room materials: constructed using sound dampening materials, dedicated, redundant 110volt 12 gauge electrical wire with power conditioners and backup power supply systems.
  • Cooling and ventilation: energy-efficient, new HVAC system with new duct work and vents strategically placed for optimum air flow
  • Design: A fully realized three-dimensional rendering of the space was constructed using Google Sketchup and built entirely based on the virtualized model.

Our clean, safe and secure facility is inspiring and energetic. Feel free to come by and make a new account today!

GameSync Gaming Center
7905 Silverton Ave.#104
San Diego, 92126

Email: info(at)


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