How Humans Take The Back Seat To The Rock Paper Scissors Robot

There’s two things that really bother me on a hot day, riding in cars and watching the movie Riding In Cars With Boys. When I’m faced with the possibility of doing either of these gruesome tasks, the impending rock, paper, scissors battle takes on crucial importance. If I can somehow land a scissors over paper, I’ll get the front seat or if I correctly choose rock to topple a scissors, I can instead watch one of the latest thrilling Madea installments. I had better take advantage of these wins while I can because as we speak, robots are being developed to conquer the rock, paper, scissors playing field. »Read More

Facebook Is Boring. But Will ‘Airtime’ Help?

After Facebook’s much-hyped and then botched IPO, Sean Parker, with another $2 billion in his pocket, is ready to move on. For those who haven’t heard, the celebrated serial entrepreneur, Napster-fame Parker, has a new venture. It is called Airtime. It is based on the premise that Facebook, though it is helping you to stay connected with people you know, is not really helping you meet new people. Airtime will spice-up your Facebook life via video chat by helping you to make new connections based on your likes and interests. According to Parker, his new venture Airtime will “restore surprise and serendipity to the Internet.”

What is Airtime? Essentially, Airtime is a Facebook-based, social-video chat app that lets you video chat with your friends and strangers.There is no software to download. Excited? Well, sure, yes, it is just a video chat on laptop or desktop with a webcam. And no, it doesn’t run on mobile-yet. Question is, how many of us really want to video chat with strangers? »Read More

Leadership: Is Tim Cook’s Apple a different company?

Tim Cook

Fortune magazine did a cover story recently on Tim Cook-the new CEO at Apple who replaced its legendary founder and CEO, Steve Jobs. It is intriguing to see how leadership styles of different individuals define the company they lead. It is now clear that Tim Cook’s Apple retains the DNA of the original company but seems to be a bit more relaxed in terms of openness and work culture. While Steve Jobs was a tyrant genius, Cook is a meticulous executive. That does not mean he lacks the same drive and talent to come out with great products, it just means he approaches the goal differently. »Read More

Buying Samsung Galaxy S3? 3 Things that will help you make up your mind

Samsung Galaxy S3

The latest buzz in smartphones is the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy S3. It is so refreshing to review a phone that has a buzz and whose name doesn’t start with an “i. “This phone improves and upgrades on Samsung galaxy S2-launched in 2011 which was Samsung’s highest selling phone. Samsung, which has failed to make a dent in the tablet market seems to be picking up the slack in the smartphone segment. In the last quarter, it officially sold more phones worldwide than Apple. It has offered some great innovations in this model and successfully presents a credible competition to the Apple juggernaut. »Read More

Facebook Pre-IPO and Privacy

In recent news, FB has set its IPO price at $28-$35 per share which puts the valuation of  the company at $96 billion, which means Mark Zuckerberg just might become richer than Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. It has been a long time since I wrote a  post about Facebook-the grand daddy of social networks. And as the IPO show hits the road, I thought this will be a good time to review Facebook.

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Fun and Creative Apps You Should Have on Your Phone

What was the last time you showed off a cool app to your fellow Smartphone lovers? If it has been a while, then this fresh new list will give you some ideas. Between Apple, Android, Amazon and Windows, there might be thousands of apps users have access to. You will find lists of old and new, weird and cool apps all over the Internet. How to pick the coolest ones, is the question. So we created a list of the ones we think are the best. Here are my picks of apps that are cool, fun or plain useful. »Read More

Here comes Google Drive- Should Dropbox be afraid?

Data storage in Cloud is a concept whose time has come. Why else, then, Google, which had shelved this concept earlier,  is now re-entering the fray? With Apple’s iCloud, Amazon’s own Cloud service, Dropbox and already competing in the personal storage space, Google is actually a late entrant. Rumor has it that Google is all set to launch Google Drive next week. If you’ve read this post about Dropbox, you know what Dropbox does and why it is popular. It is the compatibility across platforms; the sync capabilities across devices. Should Dropbox and others be sweating in their socks as Google does Cloud? What is different this time with Google? Google does Cloud. »Read More

5 Things You Need to Know About the Facebook-Instagram Deal

April 9, 2012. “Remember this day” wrote WSJ’s Dennis K Berman, “551 day old Instagram is worth $1 billion. 116 year old New York Times Co. is worth $967 million.” After this news, the Internet community has renewed the debate about being in a tech bubble. Without joining that debate, I will say this-Instagram’s 13 employees made some Instabucks-to the tune of  millions and all for a total two years of work. Here are 5 things you need to know about this story- »Read More

7 Cool Crowdsourcing Services You Should Know About

While most people have heard about outsourcing, many people are unaware of its sub-category, known as crowdsourcing. It involves resolving a problem or managing a production process by outsourcing it to an undefined source of people. For example, if you are looking to name your website something unique and are unable to come up with a solution, you might outsource the task by posting it as a job on a freelancing website, to acquire new ideas from an undefined group of people, at a cost. Crowdsourcing might not be as widely recognized as it is used nowadays and can be extremely helpful in problem solving and outsourcing tasks at a relatively cheap price.

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State of Microsoft-Windows 8 and a post-PC world

As Android and Apple’s iOS continue to fight for total world domination in the Mobile OS space, one name almost always conspicuous by its absence, in my opinion, is Microsoft’s Windows8 . Windows 8 is Microsoft’s attempt to stay relevant in the future. The product received great reviews overall and Microsoft is using its money and power to create an ecosystem around this OS. But a recent report by a research firm called IDS has something that may worry Ballmer and Co. in Seattle. »Read More