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Testimonial by Exowax Recordings, Leucadia

Great Onsite Service!

I work for a small office in San Diego and it came time that we needed our computers networked so we could share files internally and access them securely from home as well as print to a single printer. I am not computer savvy and we did not know anyone locally who could do this for us. I called around and talked to a few companies but was just confused after i got off the phone, San Diego PC Help were the only ones that could explain everything in a way that even I could understand and there prices were much lower than anyone else I had talked to. They were able to schedule us in for the next day and one of there friendly techs showed up right on time. He was able to set everything up for us in a matter of hours and even train us on how to share files, print, and access everything remotely. If you are a small business and need any help with computers i HIGHLY recommend San Diego PC Help. They are professional, fast, reliable, and you cant beat their prices.

Josh M., San Diego (Insiderpages.com user review)

Really excellent computer repair

Very professional and honest computer support store! I found this company in Miramar and they helped me with a Mac that was not starting up right. Very reasonable prices, especially compared to the Mac store!! Wow!! Saved a lot and definitely got it back faster than I would have if I went with the other company. They also offer web hosting, I moved my website there and that’s been good too.

Susan W., San Diego (Judy’s Book user review)

Great Shop

I’d like to consider myself tech-savvy. People are always calling on me to do maintenance and repair their computers. So I found it funny when my personal computer began running real slow and after hours of trying to establish what is wrong, I still had no clue. So I decided to get some help and found these guys online. I took it to them and they got my computer running faster than I had it running! A few cheap upgrades here and there and a bunch of system tweaks got everything running super smooth. This all happened within a week. I recommend this shop to everyone. When I have no clue when friends and family have me check out a computer, I tell them to call San Diego PC Help.

Richard C., San Diego (Insiderpages.com user review)

My computer was fixed quickly and affordably

I brought in a dell computer that was giving me lots of pop ups and also occasional blue screen errors. They were able to repair the operating system and remove viruses and spyware programs from my data. No more rip off companies like Geek Squad! These guys know what they’re doing and they’re fast. PROS: Fast, reliable, honest computer repair services. CONS: None.

David S., San Diego (Insiderpages.com user review)

Best PC repair shop I’ve dealt with

These guys are amazing and so knowledgeable. I had troubles after installing service pack 3 for windows xp, my computer wouldnt boot up. i brought it into them and they said they would charge their diagnosis fee, which wasnt much, to find out whats wrong and wave it if i decided to go with a service. they called me back the same day to let me know they could fix it! i approved the work and picked it up the next morning. usually dealing with computer shops is a pain but they made everything so easy and so FAST! if you have any computer problems bring it to them or give them a call.

snowboarder86., San Diego (Kudzu.com user review)

Great shop

Great shop for almost everything. affordable prices for work performed. Great turnover time. A+. Best i’ve seen so far.
bdcse., San Diego (Kudzu.com user review)

Would Recommend

The people that work here are great and easy to deal with. my computer just stopped working one day i got some weird error message when i turned it on about something missing so i searched the internet for a pc repair shop and landed on www.sandiegopchelp.com. i brought it in and they charged me a very cheap diagnosis fee. they called me the next day to let me know my hard drive had failed because it was old but that they could install a new one as well as recover my data off my old hard drive and transfer it to the new one they installed so it was just like it was before. i dont know what i would have done if i lost all my my documents and music. Thanks to san diego pc help i got it all back and very fast. i recommend them to anyone who needs help with their computer no matter what the problem.

Katie., San Diego (Websandiego.org user review)

The techs know what they’re doing

The techs at San Diego PC Help definately know what they’re doing. They are actually truthful and honest. It’s like finding a good mechanic!!! My only regret in making this post is that I am telling more people about them instead of keeping it my own secret! Anyway, use them.

William T., San Diego (Websandiego.org user review)

I like these guys

I have been using them for my business for years. They are really professional and helped build the current network we are using now. We contract all our IT support from them. They are prompt with getting things handled and their rates are incredible for the quality of service they provide. They have a website here San Diego PC Help.

Katie, San Diego (Websandiego.org user review)

Affordable computer repair services

I dropped off my computer at their Miramar location when I couldn’t get the system to boot, there were popups and blue screen errors. I got a fast diagnosis and had the system repaired and ready for me within two days. And it worked! No more hassles with ripoff companies like Geek Squad! Try these guys out they know what they are doing and are inexpensive.

Drooth., San Diego (Yahoo Local user review)

Fast and inexpensive computer repair!

I had a Windows XP system that had many popups and occasional blue screen errors. I brought it to San Diego PC Help and they were able to repair the operating system and clean my infected data. No more ripoffs from companies like Geek Squad! These guys know what they are doing and were super friendly and quick with the repair. A must for computer repair services.

Gary B., San Diego (Yelp.com user review)

Very friendly staff and techs make dealing with them very easy

I know nothing about computers and they helped me understand what was wrong with mine and what needed to be done to fix it. I approved their suggestions and got my pc back very fast, and the prices are very reasonable. I would recommend them to anyone who needs help with their computer especially if your not very knowledgeable about them.


Cory G., San Diego (Yelp.com user review)

Really good timewise

I kept getting blue screen errors and random problems on my laptop. I took it in to these guys and got a replacement hard drive and got it back within the week. Fast and inexpensive. Really good timewise. Worth it if you are in a hurry and don’t want to trust your computer with guys who are going to take 2 to 3 weeks and still have no clue what course of action to take.

San D., San Diego (Yelp.com user review)

Great for college students

I’m a college student at SDSU and needed some help with my computer, it was running way slow i could barely browse the internet or do my homework and i got pop ups all the time. I heard from a friend that they took their laptop to San Diego PC help so i decided to give them a shot and i was impressed. I dropped off my PC on a Monday and they gave me a call Tuesday afternoon to let me know that they were able to get my computer cleaned up and running properly with their PC oil change service. They got it done in half the time that geek squad said they could do it and much cheaper. I will recommend them to any student or professional who needs their pc back fast.


ihateschool86., San Diego (AOL Cityguide user review)

This place is awesome

I had a cracked laptop screen and got it replaced for way cheaper than what HP quoted me. I dropped it off Saturday and got it back the following Monday. All the workers there were friendly and didn’t hassle you about getting work done at this shop. They also recommended other shops that could do similar work faster for more money or cheaper but they would take longer. I had them go ahead and do it because I didn’t feel like paying more money and time wasn’t an immediate factor. Overall service was great. I got exactly what I wanted, and the experience went well.

trynot24., San Diego (AOL Cityguide user review)

These guys optimized my system

I play first person shooters online and these guys optimized my system to run lag free. Also upgraded my video card and RAM, now I’m fragging like no ones business. Also removed a ton on spyware and adware from my computer, that’s probably why it was running slow in the first place. Thanks guys.

Guest87856., San Diego (SuperPages user review)

Friendly, efficient, understandable

‘Ya know when you walk into a place like a car or computer repair shop, that you are likely to have one of two things happen: One, you get shafted by the repair guys tacking on ‘extra’ services that you don’t ask for, or taking longer than is necessary to fix your problem. Two, you get a fair or slightly high price, but don’t understand whats going on, what the problems are, how they’re fixing it, how long its going to take, etc… These guys are fast, I mean really fast. They say that most problems have a 1-3 day turnaround, and rush jobs can sometimes be completed by the end of the business day if the machine is brought in early enough. They’re friendly, knowledgeable, and don’t speak in tongues or riddles. They give you the straight information in terms you can understand, from the problem, to the solution. They service, repair, upgrade, and sell all kinds of equipment. IBM PC’s, Macintosh, printers and peripherals, laptops, servers and networks, and some electronics, cameras, and cell phones. They have a storefront that is clean, cool, and light-heartedly decorated, but they also do service calls all over southern California. They participate in e-cycling, taking donations of computers, peripherals, and electronics, refurbishing them, and donating them in turn to schools, the red cross, international aid groups, and families in the San Diego area who are in need of some modern trappings. San Diego PC Helps owner is a firm believer in karma, and runs his business accordingly. Every service is flat rate save for on-site service calls, and the prices are clearly marked on the website or told to you over the phone. Ive dropped my laptop and desktop both into their San Diego office, and two days later had them returned to me with a new operating system installed, all my documents and settings already in the same places I left them, as well as a dvd backup of all my music and video. They can keep your files backed up on their server for 30 days, or longer with a bigger price tag, and they guarantee their work for 14 days from the time you retrieve your machine.’

Lidren, San Diego (Tribe.com user review)

Mail In Repair

Worldwide Mail-In Repair Services

San Diego PC Help is the Internet’s #1 source for repair of all kinds of technology products. Our master techs can fix practically anything and have a high data recovery success rate.

To mail in an item for repair, please fill out our online form so we can process your item as quickly as possible.

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