Diagnostics & Evaluation

FREE with Repair

While many repairs are straight forward with the symptoms of the problem being easy to identify, in some cases the same symptoms can be caused by many different problems, or there are other complexities. The diagnosis fee will be DEDUCTED from your final invoice with a successful repair (along with FREE return shipping to US-48 states).

Laptop, Desktop, Tablet, Cellphone

  • Windows
  • Android
  • iPhone, iPad
  • Linux

Mac Laptop/Desktop

  • Macbook
  • Macbook Air
  • iMac
  • Mac Pro

Data Recovery Evaluation

  • Single, bare hard drive
  • SSD, USB, Flash memory
  • RAID, NAS, SAN, enterprise

Server, Proprietary

  • Legacy hardware
  • Server
  • Point of Sale

Repair Labor

Includes Diagnosis & Evaluation

Pricing varies based on difficulty and time. If multiple services are needed, we may discount our labor pricing. Price ranges are due to varying degrees of difficulty and device irregularities that may impact repair time. In rare cases, certain customized work may require specific pricing tailored to your situation which does not fit into the structure above.

Tablet/Cellphone Repair

  • Glass/digitizer and/or LCD
  • Full rehousing (including back cover, DC jack/charge port, chrome bezel, all buttons)
  • Battery repair/upgrade
  • All other repairs, including: headphone jack, volume or switch button, volume flex cable, power button and/or power button flex cable, ear speaker/proximity sensor, microphone, speaker, charger/data port, camera, SIM reader

Laptop/Desktop Repair

  • LCD screen and/or digitizer
  • Hard drive
  • Fans & overheating issues
  • DC jack/power port
  • Motherboard (repair or replacement)
  • Power supply, video card, memory install
  • Liquid spill damage
  • Any other requested services

Mac Laptop/Desktop Repair

  • LCD screen
  • Hard drive
  • Fans & overheating issues
  • DC jack/power port
  • Motherboard (repair or replacement)
  • Power supply, video card, memory install
  • Liquid spill damage
  • Any other requested services

Data Recovery Labor

Includes Diagnosis & Evaluation

Data recovery pricing varies on the type of problem with your media. Often, time has to be taken to run tests to determine the actual problem.

Hard Drive Level 1

  • For single drives with common software problems such as bad sectors/clusters, corrupt master boot records, etc.

Hard Drive Level 2

  • For time-consuming repairs, manual rebuilding of folder heirarchies, controller board repairs, etc.

Hard Drive Level 3

  • Clean room advanced lab. For internal hardware repairs (for example, replacing aperture arm) requiring a dust-free, static-free environment.


  • Price is per drive in the array

Flash media

  • Thumb drives or memory cards, SSD, SD, microSD, CF, SIM card, MP3 player, etc.




  • DVR recorders
  • Other devices

Data Recovery Clean Room

Includes Diagnosis & Evaluation

For the most severe cases. Due to the numerous variations of equipment often required for mobile media recovery (cell phones, iPods, Tablets, etc.), costs can vary widely, especially when faced with damage of critical components. Prices include parts.

Single hard drive


Single hard drive priority service

  • Typically 5-7 business days
  • For non-priority clean room drives, see data recovery pricing above

Single hard drive 24x7

  • Work until complete (typically 48 hours or less from the time it enters clean room)

RAID, SSD, flash media, tablet/cellphone

  • Free no-risk evaluation (price varies widely from $450-$6000). For RAID, typically $1500 per drive in the array is a starting point but depending on the circumstances, the cost could be significantly more.

Software & Data Services

The most common software service we provide is virus removal, but we can perform many other software repairs.

Virus and malware removal


Operating System Install or Repair


PC/Mac Oil Change

  • includes tune-up, defragmentation, upgrade drivers, registry fix, etc.

Application Install

  • Software install of one application.

Data backup of a single drive

  • Data is imaged to our server for temporary holding

Data migration

  • To the same computer, another computer, or an external hard drive/USB memory

Data migration (cross-platform)

  • For example, from PC to Mac, which requires very careful work to ensure data viability/accessibility.

Data cleaning (infectious software removal)

  • Free when combined with data migration

Data Recovery Insurance

Protect yourself from a costly data loss with our beneficial coverage program.  Purchase from us or bring in a new hard drive or other media and in the event of a data loss, save 50% off the price of recovery. Coverage activates from the time you order and is tracked in our system to ensure accuracy. The plan will terminate at the end of the active period and/or once the plan has been used for data recovery services, whichever occurs first. Note: Data recovery is always a “best effort” and we cannot guarantee or promise specific results. If data recovery is not possible, we will refund 100% of the plan fees collected.

Two (2) year plan

$89/2 years
  • 730 calendar days from the purchase date

Three (3) year plan

$139/3 years
  • 1095 calendar days from the purchase date

Bottom line: we serve our customers within the framework of fairness and transparency.

The prices above are for labor only and do not include parts. 

  • Data backup automation (configuration/setup on your computer): $89
  • Data wipe of a single hard drive: $49 (free with e-waste recycling)
  • Data cloning (one hard drive to another): $149
  • Hard drive removal and installation into external enclosure: $149
  • Password reset … $69

On-Site Service

The following are charges to work on a project (business or residence):

  • First hour (minimum charge)…………………………..$149

If more than one hour of time is needed, the rate continues in 30 minute increments ($74.50). Over a 12 mile radius: the above charges plus a $49 trip fee applies. Rates are negotiable for 10+ hour projects. If you wish to use our on-site service to have a pickup or delivery of an in-store repair, there is a $99 charge each way. Emergency response/after hours: $199 per hour.

In-Store Private Training

We offer training and in-store troubleshooting of software issues on an appointment-only basis.

  • Each 15 minutes……………………………..$37.25

Remote Support Service

Our technicians can remotely connect to any computer in the world and troubleshoot issues on an appointment-only basis.

  • Each 15 minutes……………………………..$37.25

GameSync Gaming Center

GameSync ™, our state-of-the-art gaming center, is the only one of its kind anywhere. Featuring best-in-class hardware and all the latest games and built and supported by our gaming enthusiasts, come in for an experience you won’t forget. Enjoy your first hour of gaming on us with a new account. You’ll have a blast!  Don’t forget to pick up our red-hot t-shirt at wholesale cost!

The prices below may be outdated. Please check http://gamesync.us for current pricing and special offers.

  • First hour of gaming FREE for new customers
  • Hourly….$6 (Membership fee required)

Member packages: our pay-to-play pricing discounts:  Visit the GameSync website for updated pricing.

Military and Student Discount: receive an additional 10% off with valid ID.  Check out our other deals.

Private Event Room Rental (Birthdays, Events, Parties & More)

Events are billed hourly with a minimum of one hour and includes dedicated staff and event support. 25 minutes of free time are included with every reservation (15 minutes for set-up and 10 minutes for clean-up). Kindly call us to schedule your event at least a week in advance. A $50 deposit will be required to make a reservation.

Please check http://gamesync.us for current pricing and special offers.

Business Meeting / Conference Room Rental

We offer a state-of-the-art computer lab, business conference, training and meeting room and can also be used for networking events, workspace/research, celebrations, launch/promo events or photo/film shoots. Whether you require a productive place for your team or a tech-enabled conference area for a training event, our facility is available to you on an hourly basis or by the day. With full amenities that include a snack and beverage area, full-service on-site IT staff to support your event, a dedicated in-room washroom, high speed + wireless internet access, LCD projector and more, we’re sure to fit the needs of nearly any business looking for a high-tech, professional venue to engage your customers.  If you have specialty software or other custom needs, we setup and configure our workstations (and servers) to your requirements. We offer popular snacks and drinks at our location.

For a price quote, kindly send us an email or call us to discuss your specific needs.


  • Priority Diagnosis and Evaluation (2-3 Business Days) ….. $89
  • Priority Diagnosis and Evaluation beginning immediately after we receive your project …$189
  • Custom Desktop Computer Builds (high end/gaming) ….. CALL
  • Storage Fee (for projects left over two weeks) …….$5/day
  • e-Waste recycling for existing/new customers ……..FREE
Mail In Repair

Worldwide Mail-In Repair Services

San Diego PC Help is the Internet’s #1 source for repair of all kinds of technology products. Our master techs can fix practically anything and have a high data recovery success rate.

To mail in an item for repair, please fill out our online form so we can process your item as quickly as possible.

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